A3 Achievement Awards

Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Award

The World's Most Prestigious Robotics Honor

A3 Engelberger Robotics Award for Education Selection Criteria and Process

The list represents a selection of award criteria for selecting top candidates for the annual A3 Engelberger Robotics Award for Education:

  1. Should have at least 10 years experience as a researcher, professor, teacher, or expert in the domain of robotics and associated technologies and sciences; typically acting at:
    1. University/college or research lab
    2. Corporate R&D and governmental organization
    3. Other organizations responsible for carrying out or promoting education, development, etc. of robotics
    Note: the above includes industrial, non-industrial, military, medical, personal service and all other robotics research and application areas.
  2. Must have achieved outstanding impact in robotics research and application through significant contributions to the field of robotics education, research, technology transfer, and awareness-building:
    1. Teaching excellence on higher education level typically demonstrated through reference teaching material or teaching methods, publications in areas of robotics technologies, applications, engineering methods or other related scientific disciplines.
    2. Organization of highly visible events responding to different educational needs among robotics stakeholder groups (higher education, professionals, school education, general public)
    3. Initiating or leading of networks and communities in research, education, standardization and policy building.
  3. Must have achieved highest visibility and recognition through:
    1. Representing a research area or carrying out research work in robotics of highest esteem in robotics technology, related scientific disciplines, application, and engineering methods (typically expressed though publications, talks, media work, awards and honors)
    2. Promotion of scientific dialogue and exchange within robotics across other scientific disciplines through organizing and chairing conferences, editing journals and books, or hosting of expert forums.
    3. Representing robotics education, research and related technologies/sciences in public policy building processes (e.g. white papers, road-maps, and public research and educational initiatives).
    4. Promoting and conducting technology transfer from research to industry.
  4. Should be nominated by people outside of their company/organization.
  5. Must be able to be further interviewed by the A3 Engelberger Robotics Education Award Selection Committee and/or A3 Robotics Staff. Interview questions to be developed based on clarifications, etc. of accomplishments, etc., and to obtain a feeling of their level of dedication to and sustainability in the industry as opposed to being a "onehit wonder" and/or capitalizing on a circumstance.
  6. Must be able to travel to the award ceremony and participate in press conferences at the event where the award is presented.

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