A3 Achievement Awards

Joseph F. Engelberger Robotics Award

The World's Most Prestigious Robotics Honor

A3 Engelberger Robotics Application Award Selection Criteria and Process

Selection Criteria for Application Category

  1. Must have served for at least 10 years in technical roles in robotic applications, with a globally recognized company or organization that has a proven track record of growth and/or sustainability. Companies or organizations may include:
    1. An OEM robot company,
    2. An Integrator of robotic equipment
    3. A software supplier principally for use in/on/with robotics (At least 75% of their robotics career with one of more of these organizations and principally in some area related to applying robots)
    4. A component supplier principally for use in/on/with robotics
    Note: the above includes industrial, non-industrial, military, medical, personal service, and all other non-toy robot-related activities.

    Preferred Selection Criteria: A person who can show evidence of multiple successful application of robotic technology in one or more areas. Evidence includes commercial impact, reduction of possible safety hazards to people in the area of operation, or change to the process, an examples might be robotic surgery, uses in highly contaminated areas, etc. A minimum of three to five applications will be required.
  2. Must be recognized as active and a history of service in promoting the robotics industry beyond their role within their company. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    1. A leader of a consortium of robot-related experts promoting visibility, education, legislation, etc. (Ref: A3 Robotics, JARA, IFR, etc.)
    2. Author of books, white papers, presentations, etc. of robot-related topics successfully sold/presented on a broad basis.
    3. Recognized thought leader and/or mentor to many branches, markets, or segments of robotics technology
  3. Sustainable record of innovation and invention leading to the creation of a new products, new applications, and/or new markets for robotics. May be measured in terms of patents, company growth or new company founding, proven/published accounts of growth or breaks into new markets and/or new markets for robotics.
  4. Must be "seconded" by people outside of their company/organization.
  5. Must be able to be further interviewed by the A3 Engelberger Robotics Application Award Selection Committee and/or A3 Robotics Staff
  6. Must be able to attend the award ceremony and participate in press conferences at the event where the award is presented.

Selection Process:

  1. Selection Committee:
    • Former Engelberger Application Award Winners willing to serve (not less than three hopefully five)
  2. Selection committee reviews all nomination submissions in a secure site within Robotics.com and compiles a list of follow-up questions.
  3. Selection Committee Member obtains answers to the questions and submits via e-mail to Selection Committee.
  4. Selection Committee votes for top three (3) nominees. Data compiled confidentially by assigned A3 Robotics Staff.
  5. Top three (3) nominees are discussed by the Selection Committee Members during a conference call.
  6. Final vote taken, final results confirmed to Selection Committee
  7. Selection Committee submits results to full A3 Robotics Board for Acceptance

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