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IB Precision Gearbox

Model: IB-P1, IB-P2, and IB-PK1

Sumitomo Drive Technologies

Image of IB Precision Gearbox

Sumitomo's IB Precision Planetary Gearheads are designed for maximum mounting flexibility and easy installation in demanding servomotor applications. Like all Sumitomo speed reducers, the expertly engineered internal planetary gearing design maintains optimum power distribution and even gear contact, thus minimizing wear and ensuring long, quiet, trouble-free operation.

The IB Series developed by Sumitomo Drive Technologies is a low-backlash planetary gearbox for servo applications. These compact gearboxes offer easy assembly with a standard clamp ring input connection between the gearbox and the servo motor. The IB Series offers a variety of output connection options with a keyless, keyed solid, and a flange shaft option. Offering a premium high torque series with the IB-P2, an economic series with the IB-P1, and a right-angle option with the IB-PK1. The IB Series is available for all your low-backlash motion control needs.  

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