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Fine Cyclo Gearbox

Model: A-Series, C-Series, DA-Series, UA-Series and more

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Image of Fine Cyclo Gearbox

The Fine Cyclo line of precision gearboxes from Sumitomo Drive Technologies was developed for the most demanding applications. All Fine Cyclo gearboxes offer zero mechanical backlash ideal for the robotics, machine tool, medical, and general automation industries. Their high torque density allows for maximum torque in compact spaces. Sumitomo Drive Technologies developed these highly accurate gearboxes with high torsional stiffness with a low mass moment of inertia – making them ideal for highly dynamic tasks. These gearboxes come fully sealed and greased for life. Providing a maintenance-free solution for applications ranging from 100 Nm to 30,000 Nm. 

Sumitomo has the most custom options for zero backlash gearboxes on the world market.  

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