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IXARC CANopen Absolute Encoders


Image of IXARC CANopen Absolute Encoders

Like all POSITAL optical encoders, the improved IXARC CANopen models use a tried and tested optoelectronic scanning method to record positional values. The singleturn mechanism provides a resolution of up to 16 bit per revolution and the multiturn units register a maximum of 16,384 revolutions (14 bit), thereby covering an overall measuring range of 30 bit. The sturdy encoder design offers up to IP67 Ingress Protection.

User-friendly configuration is ensured by a connection cap which features a configurable terminating resistor, diagnosis LEDs and BCD switches for manual adjustment of the Baudrate and node ID. To ensure backward compatibility, the optical CANopen encoder from POSITAL is compatible with old connection caps.

Simple Network and Expansion Capability with IXARC CANopen Encoders

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