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IXARC Heavy Duty Encoders


Image of IXARC Heavy Duty Encoders

With an IP68/IP69K rating, high shock and vibration resistance and high load bearing shafts, POSITAL heavy duty encoders are built to last in the most abusive environments.

Water damage is a common problem for many sensors, but not for the IXARC heavy duty rotary encoder. Whether it is pressure washing an excavator or salt spray on a ship, with an IP68/IP69K environmental rating and optional stainless steel housings, these sensors are built for years of reliable use.

The IP68/IP69K IXARC heavy duty rotary encoder has a diameter of only 36/42 mm which makes it a compact solution for many applications with limited installation space. Moreover, its rugged housing, hardened shaft and extraordinary sealing provide protection against wear and corrosion.

IXARC High Performance encoders are available with incremental and SSI interfaces to suit your application.

High Performance with Incremental or Absolute Interface

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