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Image of VisionBox LE MANS The VisionBox LE MANS combines the benefits of a Linux operating system with long-term availability for series production. The 8-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor allows energy-efficient image processing, while this VisionBox will be equipped with the latest camera and machine interfaces like 10GigE and Camera Link Deca. For multi camera systems, not only several camera ports but also several integrated LED Controllers and digital I/Os allow a compact setup without extra electronics. The integrated Real-Time Communication Controller ensures proper timing between all devices – even with standard Linux. To avoid complex cabling, the cameras can be connected with a single cable - transferring trigger, data and power not only with Camera Link but also with GigE (ToE). Due to its small size, powered by 24VDC and without fan, the LE MANS can be mounted into nearly every machine.

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