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Image of VisionBox AGE-X The VisionBox AGE-X gives you the choice between GigE Vision, Camera Link and USB3 Vision as your preferred camera interface. For multi-camera systems not only several camera ports but also various integrated LED Controllers and digital I/Os allow a compact setup without additional electronics. The integrated Real-Time Communication Controller ensures proper timing between all devices - even with Windows Embedded 7. To avoid complex cabling, the cameras can be connected with a single standard cable - transferring trigger, data and power not only with Camera Link but also with GigE. Due to its small size, powered by 24VDC and without fan, the AGE-X can be mounted into nearly every machine, also as IP65-version Turtle. The IP67 camera housing Armadillo with optional LED-illumination connects directly to any AGE-X for optimized protection. All components are available for several years, for continuous delivery without changes. The AGE-X-SDK can be used in C++ and .net as well as with some third-party machine vision libraries for easy integration into your products and projects.

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