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AIC Saturn 3D Laser triangulation sensor

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Image of AIC Saturn 3D Laser triangulation sensor The Satrun 3D sensor series is based on the laser triangulation principle. Thanks to the powerful hardware with integrated FPGA (freely programmable logic) and 2 ARM CPU cores, the image data is captured and transformed into point clouds on-board with the maximum speed. Due to the hardware logic, which processes the captured image data in real time, a speed of up to 6 kHz (6.000 3D lines per second) is possible. The FPGA hardware offers different processes for the laser extraction, which the user can chose according to their application, such as CoG (Center of Gravity), FIR, Peak, etc. The Saturn 3D series is available with different laser wave lengths. The red laser is the standard laser. For different applications also blue, green and IR laser lines are available. In combination with the different extraction algorithms (CoG, FIR, …) the laser lines improve considerably. For metallic surfaces we recommend blue lasers and for semiconductor applications we recommend green laser lines. Scheimpflug Setup The Saturn compact sensors guarantee, thanks to the integrated Scheimpflug technology, sharp images of the laser on the sensor for the whole field of view. Also, an advantage is that all components are permanently fixed and an adjustment or new calibration is not necessary. Therefor the geometry is permanent, the defined working range of the scanner is permanently calibrated and the 3D points are already in world coordinates. Software Integration and Standard API & SDK The Saturn 3D scanners are delivered with an API for the programming languages C/C++ for Windows as well as Linux, on x86 processors or ARM Linux. Therefor the sensors can be used with all common computing systems. For OEM customers there are also Linux OS and the possibility to integrate the own FPGA code, available. The Saturn 3D sensors are integrated into the EyeVision software. For all applications where EyeVision is used – from profile evaluation to point cloud evaluation.

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