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48 Series Indexing Timing Belt Conveyor

Model: 48s.TBI.XXX

Direct Conveyors LLC

48 Series Indexing Timing Belt Conveyor come in single lane or multiple lane configurations.

Image of 48 Series Indexing Timing Belt Conveyor


48 Series Indexing Timing Belt Conveyors utilize AT10 Timing Belts equipped with M4 threaded inserts, facilitating the incorporation of fixtures. This conveyor design is particularly well-suited for scenarios requiring precise indexing and accurate product positioning. The Timing Belts are reinforced with steel wire and incorporate v-guiding, ensuring robustness, strength, and exceptional belt tracking. These belts require minimal tensioning, contributing to heightened process reliability and straightforward, cost-effective maintenance. Tailored profiles or fixtures can be specifically designed to align with the unique requirements of your application. Each conveyor unit undergoes meticulous pre-assembly and testing before shipping, ensuring exceptional quality.

Key Features and Components:

Timing Belt: Similar to conventional Timing Belt Conveyors, Indexing Timing Belt Conveyors employ a toothed Timing Belt to propel the movement of items. The teeth on the Timing Belt align with the notches on the conveyor's pulleys, guaranteeing accurate and synchronized movement.

Pulleys: Dedicated pulleys are utilized in the Indexing Timing Belt Conveyor to interact with the teeth of the Timing Belt. These pulleys govern the conveyor's motion, facilitating the exact positioning of items.

Control Capability: The control capability is a crucial element that supervises the indexing motion of the conveyor. Depending on the necessary precision for the specific application, standard motors or servos are often utilized.

Precision Positioning: Indexing Timing Belt Conveyors excel in precisely positioning and synchronizing items, ensuring a consistent alignment for assembly, inspection, and packaging processes.

Versatility: These conveyors are versatile across various industries, accommodating diverse product sizes, shapes, and weights.

Reliability: The positive engagement between the Timing Belt and the pulleys guarantees reliable movement and eliminates belt slippage.

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