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74 Series Flat Top Chain Side Flexing Conveyors

Model: 74s.FTSF.XXX

Direct Conveyors LLC

74 Series Flat Top Chain Side Flexing Conveyors use steel or plastic chains.

Image of 74 Series Flat Top Chain Side Flexing Conveyors


74 Series Side Flexing Flat Top Chain Conveyors are heavy-duty systems suitable for a variety of applications. Flat Top Chains are available in Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Plastic materials, featuring a smooth riding surface. This conveyor style performs effectively in harsh environments and can support high load capacities. Side Flexing Flat Top Chain Conveyors can be configured with curves and elevation changes, commonly used in different configurations to transport products from one cell to another. All conveyors are meticulously assembled and tested before shipment for quality assurance.

Key Features and Components:

Versatility: These conveyors are suitable for various industries and applications, including manufacturing, packaging, food and beverage, automotive, and more.

Flexibility: The modular design of the Flat Top Chain allows for easy customization and configuration to accommodate different layouts, curves, inclines, and declines.

High Load Capacity: Flat Top Chain Conveyors can handle heavy loads and large quantities of materials, making them suitable for both light and heavy-duty applications.

Easy Maintenance: Designed to reduce maintenance requirements. Individual chain segments can be easily replaced if damaged.

Reduced Friction: Flat Top Chains are low friction design reduces wear and tear on both the chain and the items being transported.

Accumulation and Sorting: These conveyors can be designed to allow accumulation of products or even sorting capabilities, enabling efficient material flow management.

Multiple Chain Types: There are different types of Flat Top Chains available, including those made from materials like Plastic, Steel, or Stainless Steel, each suitable for specific applications and environments.

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