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74 Series Timing Belt Conveyor

Model: 74s.TB.XXX

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74 Series Timing Belt Conveyors come in single lane or multiple lane configurations.

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74 Series Timing Belt Conveyors are versatile, serving various purposes, including indexing, positioning, or continuous running applications. This conveyor design is particularly well-suited for situations requiring precision or when dealing with tasks involving pallet carrying. The 74 Series Timing Belts, equipped with AT20 wire reinforcement and v-guiding, enhance durability, strength, and impeccable belt tracking. The design minimizes tensioning, ensuring high process reliability and straightforward, cost-effective maintenance. A variety of belt cover choices are available, and multi-lane single drive configurations are commonly employed. Each conveyor unit undergoes meticulous pre-assembly and testing before shipping, ensuring exceptional quality.

Key Features and Components:

Timing Belt: At the core of the conveyor, the Timing Belt is a flexible belt with evenly spaced teeth that engage with corresponding pulleys or sprockets along the conveyor's length. The teeth on the belt allow for precise control over the movement of items.

Pulleys: These specialized components are affixed to the conveyor frame, meshing with the teeth of the Timing Belt. The rotational motion of the pulleys propels the Timing Belt, causing the products to move along the conveyor path.

Precision Movement: Timing Belt Conveyors excel in accurately positioning and synchronizing items, a critical feature in applications such as assembly lines, packaging, and quality control processes.

Reduced Maintenance: These conveyors boast a long service life and require less maintenance compared to traditional conveyor systems that may rely on friction or chains.

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