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48 Series Flat Belt Conveyor

Model: 48s.FB.XXX

Direct Conveyors LLC

48 Series Flat Belt Conveyors are low profile conveyors that use either Urethane or PVC fabric belts.

Image of 48 Series Flat Belt Conveyor

48-Series Flat Belt Conveyors are used for effective material handling in a variety of manufacturing operations. This kind of fabric belt conveyor is an essential instrument for moving a variety of commodities, components, or finished and unfinished goods in different sizes and forms. With so many belt material and cleat options available, Direct Conveyors can custom-build conveyor solutions that properly meet your automation needs. Before being shipped, every conveyor is painstakingly constructed and inspected to ensure quality.

Key Features and Components:

Compact Design: Crafted with a compact aluminum extrusion of minimal height, this design is ideal for scenarios with constrained space or the necessity to convey items beneath machinery or around obstacles. The belt widths are within an inch of the frames, facilitating a snug fit for rails and components close to the part.

Diverse Applications: These conveyors are utilized across diverse industries, including manufacturing, packaging, food processing, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. They serve purposes such as assembly, sorting, inspection, and transferring in these sectors.

Modularity: The design incorporates modular components, simplifying the customization of the conveyor's length, width, and features to align with specific application requirements. The inclusion of standard 8.1mm slots in the extrusion facilitates easy mounting of accessories or components, such as side rails, supports, sensors, etc.

Maintenance: The straightforward design frequently results in easier maintenance when compared to more intricate conveyor systems. Common maintenance tasks may involve tasks like belt replacement, tension adjustments, and periodic cleaning

Material Options: Belts can be crafted from a range of materials, including PVC, urethane, fabrics, or rubber. The choice depends on the nature of the products being conveyed and the prevailing environmental conditions.

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