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1/2" 7mm M12 Lens for up to 4K+ S-Mount Cameras | CIL068

Model: CIL068-F2.5-M12A650, CIL068-F2.5-M12ANIR

Commonlands LLC

The CIL068 is a 6.8mm M12 lens which provides a 50° HFoV on 1/2" type sensors like the IMX477. This board lens can be used on up to 1/2" sensors and has <1% TV Distortion.

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Lens Parameter Performance Detail

Part Number     CIL068

Format Type      1/2"

EFL                        6.8mm

F#                          2.5 Fixed

Resolution          8-12MP

Field of View     50° @ 6.3mm

                               Calculate using our FoV Calculator

Image Circle      9.0mm+

Distortion           <1% TV

Weight                11.8g

Construction     8G+IRC with Aluminum Barrel

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An M12 lens is a miniature lens with 12mm diameter threads. These lenses are also known as S-Mount Lenses or Board Mount Lenses. M12 lenses are used in robotics, surveillance cameras, video conferencing, and internet of things cameras. Types of M12 lenses include fisheye, wide-angle, no-distortion, and telephoto. Our S-Mount lenses range from 1mm to 50mm focal length and 10° to 230° field of view. M12 lenses can also be used with many CS and C Mount cameras.

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