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Model: FM060-1-CM

ADVANCED Motion Controls

The micro-sized FM060-1-CM FlexPro® drive with IMPACT™ architecture is an all-purpose digital servo drive.

Image of FM060-1-CM

The FM060-1-CM is a single-axis servo drive and integration board assembly for a FE060-1-CM FlexPro® series servo drive with IMPACT™ architecture. Connections to the controller, motor, power, and feedback are simplified through the standard connectors featured on the board. The FM060-1-CM offers full tuning control of all servo loops and is designed to drive brushed and brushless servo motors, stepper motors, and AC induction motors. The drive accepts a variety of external command signals, or can use the builtin Motion Engine, an internal motion controller used with Sequencing and Indexing commands. Programmable digital and analog I/O are included to enhance interfacing with external controllers and devices.

The FM060-1-CM utilizes CANopen network communication and is configured via USB. All drive and motor parameters are stored in non-volatile memory. IMPACT™ (Integrated Motion Platform And Control Technology) combines exceptional processing capability and high-current components to create powerful, compact, feature-loaded servo solutions. IMPACT™ is used in all FlexPro® drives and is available in custom products as well.

The FM060-1-CM is ideal for applications in the Medical industry.

See the product detail page for the FM060-1-CM on the Advanced Motion Controls website.


Command Sources

  • Over the Network
  • ±10V Analog
  • Sequencing
  • Indexing
  • Jogging
  • Step & Direction
  • Encoder Following

Motors Supported

  • Three Phase
  • Single Phase
  • Stepper
  • AC Induction

Modes of Operation

  • Profile Modes
  • Cyclic Synchronous Modes
  • Current
  • Velocity
  • Position
  • Interpolated Position Mode (PVT)



  • 4 Programmable Digital Inputs
  • 3 Programmable Digital Outputs
  • 1 Programmabel Analog Input


Feedback Supported

  • Absolute Encoder
    • BiSS C-Mode
    • EnDat 2.2
    • Tamagawa/Nikon
  • Incremental Encoder
  • Hall Sensors
  • Tachometer (±10V)



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