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PI is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control and automation systems, hexapod 6-axis parallel robotic stages, air bearing motion systems, Gantry Systems, 3D printing, laser machining, and piezoelectric nano-positioning solutions. Applications include photonics, semiconductor technology, medical engineering, assembly, inspection,

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V-857 Motorized Linear Stage / High Speed Linear Motion Slides / Linear Motor Modules

POSTED 03/31/2023

Two new families of direct-drive, motorized linear stages are geared for automation system integrator and machine builders.

The new V-855 and V-857 linear motor slide product families were designed for high-load and high duty cycle industrial precision linear motion applications wher e traditional linear actuators or linear slides with lead-screw or timing-belt drives are not precise, robust or reliable enough. Due to the maintenance-free and friction free, 3-phase high-speed direct-drive linear motors, greater productivity with shorter cycle times and faster return on investment can be achieved. The new, ready-to-install linear motor slide modules are beneficial for all high-performance applications, where positioning or scanning with smooth, vibration free motion, minimum tracking errors, and short settling times are required.


Video:  High Speed Linear Motor Slide Modules in Action

Multi-Axis Motion – Stacking of Two Linear Modules

For X-Y applications, the V-855 and V-857 linear modules can be stacked orthogonally. For XYZ linear stage applications, PI offers the V-817  motorized linear translation stage family.

OEM and Industrial Precision Linear Motion Applications

The V-855 and V-857 linear motor stage modules were designed for high precision industrial performance and low cost of ownership (no maintenance).  They are also easy to integrate, makeing them a premium choice for machine builders and system integrators.

EtherCAT-based Industrial Motion Controllers provide High Motion Peformance, Multi-Axis Coordinated Smooth Motion.

PI provides EtherCAT-based high-performance industrial motion controllers – up to 8 axes can be operated from one 19” rack and EtherCAT makes it very easy to add more.

Closed-Loop, High Load, Long Travel, and Rapid Acceleration with Fast Settling

The new closed-loop linear slide module / actuator product families provide high load capacity to 220lbs (1000N) and large travel ranges up to 47” (1200mm) with repeatable motion resolution of 0.1 microns.  Position feedback is via integrated linear encoders, available down to 1nm resolution.

Acceleration is as rapid as 5G’s (5m/sec2)  and top speeds of 196”/sec (5m/sec) can be reached. Because of the play-free and backlash-free direct-drive mechanics, settling times are extremely short, and bidirectional repeatability is excellent.

Application Fields

Industrial precision automation for electronic assembly of sensors, cameras, and optics. Metrology and non-contact inspection (X-ray and optical). Semiconductor wafer positioning, wafer processing and inspection. Automated laser micro-machining and welding, laser cutting, testing and sampling systems for medical equipment.