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Advanced Motion Controls Unveils Next-Generation FlexPro® EtherNet/IP Servo Drives

POSTED 02/03/2024


Advanced Motion Controls Unveils Next-Generation FlexPro® EtherNet/IP Servo Drives


The FlexPro® drive series is AMC's latest family of digital servo drives designed for high power, small size, and reliable servo motor control. The drive architecture allows for higher power densities while still maintaining reliability and versatility. The advanced processing and storage capabilities ensure that the drives are more intelligent and operationally flexible than ever before.

The micro-sized FlexPro drives have a footprint of 1.50 x 1.00 inches (38.1 x 25.4 mm) and are available with input voltage ranges of 10-55 VDC or 20-90 VDC, and both peak and continuous current ratings as high as 60 amps.

The mini-sized versions have a slightly larger footprint of 1.70 x 1.50 inches (43.2 x 38.1 mm) and are available with an input voltage range of 20-90 VDC, with a continuous current rating of 50 amps and a peak current rating of 100 amps.

FlexPro® drives can fit into tight spaces and still deliver impressive power and performance to your robot joints, AGV traction wheels, or any other application. AMC offers various form factors of FlexPro® drives for each power level to ensure that it can be used anywhere. These include PCB Mount, Machine Embedded, Panel Mount, Development Board, and Extended Environment options.

The FlexPro® EtherNet/IP Servo Drives are designed for easy integration into existing systems and for control and monitoring from a central location. They are user-friendly and easy to operate, making them a valuable addition to any industrial system.  

Features include:

  • Peak and Continuous current ratings up to 60A for micro-size
  • Peak current ratings up 100A for mini-size
  • 10-55 VDC and 20-90 VDC input ratings
  • Position, velocity, and torque operating modes
  • I/O configuration for over 60 events and signals
  • Configurable to latch/non-latch as well as active-high and active-low
  • Stand-alone or network configuration
  • Control for servo motors, two and three-phase stepper motors (closed loop), and linear motors
  • Setup with free configuration software
  • Safe Torque Off

For more information, visit  AMC FlexPro EtherNet/IP Servo Amplifiers

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