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Published on: 02/23/2021

Last Reply on: 08/18/2021

Category: Safety

Technology: Robotics

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What is the minimum height of the guarding around a robot cell

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Hi Joe, Height of guarding should typically also consider the distance from the hazard and whether a person could reach over the guarding. There are some nice guidance tables for this in the standards. I'd then add that B11.19 defines guarding under 55" in height as the whole body access as it would be possible to step /climb over this.

Rob Stark from Fortress Safety | 02/24/2021

A3 Member Expert

2 meter perimeter guarding is a common height, yet each application (robot operation / risks) needs to individually assessed to safe guard against potential injury / access. The height is not the only consideration, also the panel construction and layout / set backs from the hazard need to be reviewed by a qualified safety review expert, as many factors have to be assessed for an absolute safety installation.

Michael Balzan from RAMP Inc. | 08/18/2021