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How can I get my door to open on my yaskawa dx200 to turn a part so it can finish welding?

Hey Joe - I'd be interested in more info here. Typically I'd imagine there is some form of safety device keeping the door locked closed until the control system sends an unlock signal.

If you require access mid cycle to turn a part without an driven axis that can do this, I'd expect the robot to go to a safe position, the process to reach a safe condition and a control signal to allow the door to unlock.

However, based on the specifics of the system this may be a different set up. Feel free to give one of the Fortress team a call. Scott Mohr is the rep for New York. (859) 578-2390


Rob Stark - President
(859) 578-2390

What is the minimum height of the guarding around a robot cell

Hi Joe,

Height of guarding should typically also consider the distance from the hazard and whether a person could reach over the guarding. There are some nice guidance tables for this in the standards.

I'd then add that B11.19 defines guarding under 55" in height as the whole body access as it would be possible to step /climb over this.

Rob Stark - President
(859) 578-2390