GigE Vision

GigE Vision Standard

Why Buy GigE Vision Products?

This is a solid technology investment you can trust. Because GigE Vision® is based on the Ethernet standard, it benefits from the proliferation of Ethernet products in the industrial and consumer markets. Components are readily available at low cost and are already installed on most PCs.

The Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbps) network bandwidth is high enough to transmit uncompressed images in real-time, a genuine need for machine vision cameras. GigE Vision is scalable, as Gigabit Ethernet moves into 10GigE and beyond, GigE Vision promises continual development for faster bandwidths in the future.

GigE Vision delivers lower overall system costs. Frame grabbers cost is eliminated as they are not required with GigE Vision (as they are with analog and other interfaces, such as Camera Link). GigE Vision offers the advantage of a maximum cable length of 100 meters. This can be achieved without the use of a repeater or hubs. Repeaters and hubs can add hardware and cable cost, increase power consumption and increase the risk of electromagnetic interference.

Interoperability and plug and play capability give you confidence in your purchases. The widespread adoption of GigE Vision in the machine vision industry, with hundreds of products developed by leading suppliers available on the market guarantees that you have access to the products and support you need now and well into the future. Simply look for the GigE Vision logo or check AIA's list of certified compliant products. Only registered compliant products may carry the logo.

There is strong industry support of GigE Vision. There are about 50 companies involved in the GigE Vision standard committees. The leading machine vision companies lend their expertise and contribute significant hours every year to continually develop and improve GigE Vision. GigE Vision was developed by the machine vision industry but now is being used in a wide variety of industries, this expansion helps support future growth for GigE Vision.