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Liberty Reach Inc. is advancing manufacturing automation by providing turn-key 3D vision systems for robot guidance in the automotive, aerospace, appliance, and general industrial markets. Liberty Reach employs a full-time R&D staff to bring the latest machine vision and robot

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Material Handling and Vision Guidance for Robotics Material Handling and Vision Guidance for Robotics

V-Guide™ Robot Guidance - Automated Bumper Transfer from Conveyor to Paint Rack

POSTED 02/11/2019

Transferring bumpers from a conveyor to paint racks was proving impossible to automate for an un-guided robot. Even when the robot made a pick, it wasn't precise or repeatable enough to place into the rack correctly. Adding V-Guide™ to the robot made all the difference. A 2-sensor V-Guide™ system calculates the bumper offset for every possible pose. With a known offset, the robot adjusts to make a precise pick every time.