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WeldSeam Vision® weld seam inspection for MIG/MAG- and laser weld seams

POSTED 03/23/2020

The WSV (WeldSeam Vision) is a weld seam inspection system for the inspection of laser and MIG/MAG-welding seams.

Solution with WSV

WeldSeam Vision is optimized for the inspection of MIG/MAG-welding and solder seams as well as laser weld seams. For the MIG/MAG- and solder seams the WSV offers a field of view of 20 – 30 mm and for the laser weld seams a field of view of 10 – 15 mm. The inspection system detects errors with sizes from 0,1 mm and with a resolution smaller than 1 µm depth even the smallest errors can be detected.

Therefore WeldSeam Vision is suitable for demanding inspection tasks such as e.g. for autobody, axel bearing parts or eV-batteries.

WeldSeam Vision Hard- and Software

The WSV system is a “ready-to-use” equipped system and can be delivered for different weld seam sizes. The sensor head is only connected via a single GigE cable and  therefore it is easy to integrate into a robot. The powerful EyeVision software for weld seam inspection detects all common errors and can be adapted to inspect new weld seams and fulfill new inspection tasks.

For an easy integration into plants the WSV has different interfaces such as Profinet and Modbus available. In addition it supports OPC UA for the integration into a SCADA system, as well as UDP and TCP/IP communication.

The easy-to-handle graphical interface can be used by beginners as well as PLC-programmers in only a few minutes. The System works with 24 V and in addition has RS232, RS485 and digital I/O.

What is MIG/MAG-welding?

MIG/MAG-welding is an arc welding process, where an endless wire electrode is melting under a protective gas cover. This method is very veratile when it comes to material, mechanization and weld position and therefore almost every weld-qualified material can be joined with MIG/MAG-welding.

There is a difference between MIG-welding and MAG-welding: MIG-welding means that, high-alloyed steel and material such as aluminium or titan, etc. are welded together with inert gas such as e.g. argon. MAG-welding means that, unalloyed and alloyed steel are welded with metal active gas such as carbon dioxide.

With these methods thin metals sheets of 0,8 mm thickness and also thicker sheets of 10 mm thickness can be welded together. This works with handheld burners as well as fully mechanized with a robot.