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AT – Automation Technology is a global technology leader in the field of special imaging sensors. We develop and produce smart infrared cameras, 3D sensors, and sensor solutions for process automation as well as monitoring and inspection tasks.

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Small Field of View, Big Impact: New XCS Sensor from AT Transforms the Electronics Industry

POSTED 05/07/2024

In the semiconductor industry, it is the smallest details that make the difference between success and failure. With its new 3D sensor from the recently developed XCS series, AT – Automation Technology is launching a product onto the market that is a real game changer, especially for high-performance applications in the electronics industry.

The decisive arguments for this are above all its optimized laser and its very small field of view of up to 2.08 in (53 mm). The most important feature of the XCS series laser is the homogeneous thickness along the laser line thanks to the laser projector‘s special optics. The homogeneous line thickness enables precise scanning of the smallest structures – regardless of whether the object to be scanned is in the middle or at the edge of the line. The particular benefit for the customer: the development of inspection applications with high repeatability and exceptional accuracy, which means a real breakthrough in terms of precision for the inspection of ball grid arrays (BGAs), for example.

An equally decisive advantage is the Clean Beam function developed by AT. This protects the laser from external interference factors such as optical anomalies, so that the laser beam is both very precise and extremely focused. In addition, Clean Beam also enables a uniform intensity distribution, which in turn ensures reliable and consistent results.

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The unrivaled performance of the XCS sensor is further enhanced by its dual-head option. This delivers unique 3D scanning results by eliminating occlusions while providing unparalleled high resolution at extreme speed. The 3070 WARP version of the sensor achieves profile speeds of up to 140 kHz, allowing the data volumes of the 3D scans to be analyzed particularly quickly and efficiently.

With the new 3D sensor from the XCS series, AT-Automation Technology is once again underlining its role as a pioneer in automation technology. The sensor is available immediately and promises to become an indispensable product for many electronics applications.

In summary, the XCS sensor offers the following advantages:

  • Unique 3D scan results without occlusion due to dual-head option and extremely high resolution
  • High precision and detection of the smallest surface details thanks to high-quality laser line projection
  • Unrivaled resolution for electronics inspection (e.g. BGA inspection) with a field of view of up to 2.08 in (53 mm)
  • Highest inspection speed possible with the 3070 WARP sensor variant