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People Thermal Tracker - The innovative solution to contain the coronavirus

POSTED 12/08/2020

The innovative People Thermal Tracker (PTT) detects the customer's faces in the entrance area with the help of the Eye Vision software. The People Thermal Tracker records the number of customers and issues a signal when the permitted number of customers is exceeded.

The PTT not only controls the entrance, but also registers how many customers are leaving the shop floor at the same time. Thanks to the automatic entry and exit control, the number of people permitted in the shop is never exceeded without the need for additional staff. Customers can also be informed quickly and securely about current waiting times via a screen.

In addition, the People Thermal Tracker measures the body temperature of the customer and triggers a signal via the integrated I / O system if the body temperature is too high. This prevents people with a fever, a symptom of COVID disease, from entering the building. Thanks to the PTT, the containment of the coronavirus can be pushed forward across the board.

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