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Light Holder for Smart Cameras

POSTED 04/15/2014

v>The EyeCheck 2xxx and 3xxx camera series are now available with extensive mounting accessories for different illuminations out of the EVT EyeLight catalogue. Therefore housings and cameras are easily extended to a complete image processing unit. The accessories contain modular light holders, which supersede the time-consuming in-house production of those mechanical components.
Depending on the illumination, the components are flexibly mounted. This means that there are adjustable light available for the user. The advantage is that the light can be adjusted without time and effort, according to the application.
The dark field arrangement of a ring light, would be suitable to detect scratches on a surface. Whereas the surface will be dark and the scratches will be bright.
The light holders can be easily combined with a light from the EyeLight series; from incident light to transmitted light, from bright field light to dark field light.