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Gidel Provides 3x Acceleration of FPGA and ASIC Development and Validation for Vision and Image Processing

POSTED 02/19/2020

Embedded VISION, Stuttgart, Germany, – Gidel, a technology leader in cutting-edge Vision and Imaging solutions based on FPGAs, today announced the newest addition to its robust developer’s kit, CertifEye, which provides a comprehensive development, debug, and validation solution. CertifEye is a unique product that provides developers with infrastructure that injects known images and videos into FPGA/ASIC processing (IP) or an Image Signal Processing (ISP) pipeline under test, process them in FPGAs in near or real time, and return results back to the host. For validation, the returned data can easily be viewed, analyzed, or compared with the expected data. The product has widespread application across many different markets, such as machine vision, broadcast, medical imaging, and multi-sensor solutions.

CertifEye allows developers to dive right into IP development for FPGA and then thoroughly test and inspect their IPs. CertifEye is part of Gidel’s plug-and-play ProcVision Developer’s Suite, which enables software engineers to generate an effective ISP pipeline on FPGA. ProcVision is an optimal solution for developing, validating, and implementing image processing and pipeline designs on FPGA, allowing users to debug, validate, and run dedicated reliability tests to ensure that results are bit-by-bit accurate. Designs can then either be used in Gidel’s frame grabbers or easily ported to any Intel FPGA device or other vendor device (FPGA or ASIC) by replacing basic libraries. Changing IP parameters is easy via Gidel’s ProcWizard debug mode and/or macros, and for complex ISPs, a host program can be written to access and control the ISPs under development.

CertifEye can reduce compilation time by half because debugging can take place on a small FPGA and be later compiled for and validated on the target FPGA. IP development companies can use CertifEye to easily debug, inspect, validate, demonstrate, and provide evaluation across their IP options, including rapid swapping of different pixel bit widths, numbers of pixels per clock, and even target FPGAs.

Gidel has been creating IPs and FPGA-based Vision and Imaging products for more than 25 years. “CertifEye was initially developed to help a key partner overcome their specific development challenges, but we realized how widely appreciated it would be by the entire developer community,” notes Ofer Pravda, VP Marketing & Sales at Gidel. “Gidel’s development flow has been used by numerous market leaders to enhance system features, improve system reliability, and reduce development cycles by 70%.”

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CertifEye is supported by Gidel’s comprehensive ecosystem of infrastructure and development tools that allow clients to tailor optimized solutions for a diverse range of demanding Vision/Imaging applications. Clients can now quickly evolve from image processing design to a fully implemented Vision/Imaging system that incorporates grabbing and combined FPGA/host image and vision processing. Gidel’s offerings are all based on field-tested, off-the-shelf, ready-to-use solutions that can be complemented by Gidel’s vast experience in developing high-end solutions for time-constrained projects.   

When combined with Gidel’s existing set of developer tools, CertifEye facilitates an advanced end-to-end solution for high-end embedded imaging and vision applications. “We are thrilled to announce CertifEye as Gidel’s latest addition to our ever-growing collection of FPGA tools and IPs that enhance customer productivity,” said Reuven Weintraub, Founder and CTO, Gidel. “By using CertifEye and ProcVision to simplify IP or ISP pipeline design, instantly test and validate, and reduce compilation time by 50%, customers can bring products to market in just one-third the time.”

There are no equivalent solutions available on the market today that feature high-performance and fully customizable image grabbing and processing. Gidel’s bundle of Vision and Imaging infrastructure, IPs, development tools, and vast experience allows customers to develop powerful systems within remarkably short time spans. Gidel’s unique offering has played a pivotal role in the success of many of its customers, from small start-ups to renowned international corporations. The company also offers completely customized solutions if needed.

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At Gidel, your vision is our mission. For more than 25 years, Gidel has been a technology leader in high performance, innovative, FPGA-based Imaging and Vision processing. Gidel’s frame grabbers and development tools have been used to achieve optimal application performance and to reduce the time and cost of project development. Gidel’s dedicated support and its products’ performance, ease-of-use, and long-life cycles have been well appreciated by satisfied cus­­tomers in diverse markets who continuously use Gidel’s products, generation after generation.