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For 30 years, Gidel has been a technology leader in FPGA-based imaging and vision solutions. When high data rate applications require real-time processing, low latency, or high customization options, customers partner with Gidel. Our customers benefit from Gidel’s world class FPGA platforms, development tools, expertise in algorithms, and design services. Gidel’s easy-to-use system development tools significantly reduce customers’ time to market and production of FPGA-based acceleration systems. Typical applications are edge computing, mission-critical systems, embedded vision, and data centers. Besides custom solutions, Gidel also features a broad range of high-bandwidth frame grabbers for 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet, CoaXPress and Camera Link as well as diverse off-the-shelf PCIe FPGA boards and FPGA modules. Today Gidel’s solutions can be found in markets such as Security, DNA Research, Machine Learning, Imaging, and Vision. Gidel’s reconfigurable platforms and development tools are used for optimal application tailoring, reducing the time and cost of project development. Gidel’s dedicated support, product performance, advanced development tools, and long life cycles have been well appreciated by satisfied customers who continuously use these products, generation after generation.