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From Point Clouds to Precision: EyeVision 3D’s Industrial Revolution

POSTED 04/18/2024

Step into the innovative world of industrial 3D imaging with EyeVision 3D software. This article explores how combining high-resolution 3D sensors and powerful software can revolutionise quality control processes, improve precise object detection and adapt seamlessly to a wide range of industrial applications.

Key features of the EyeVision 3D software

The main feature of EyeVision 3D is the complex handling of 3D images (point clouds), but also depth images or, if the sensor provides it, intensity or colour images of the area. This functionality is crucial in a variety of industries for tasks such as:

  • Accurately recognizing and counting objects
  • Detecting and classifying defects or anomalies
  • Performing precise measurements for technical operations
  • Identifying and categorizing objects

This process enables industries to maximise their data's utility, quality, and zero-error production by transforming a simple 3D capture into a comprehensive analysis tool.

Combining Point Clouds and Depth Images for Precise Applications

The combination of the Point Cloud and Depth Image (Z-Map) allows the EyeVison Software to combine the data of both to one powerful result. Therefore, the information in the depth image can be used to do some pre-processing which is difficult in the point cloud- but on the other hand, the point cloud enables to do real 3D measurements.

By merging these two data types, EyeVision 3D software significantly enhances the accuracy and detail of 3D models. These improvements are essential for applications requiring precise analysis, such as precision engineering, robotics, and advanced manufacturing. This integration not only improves the geometric accuracy of the models but also enriches them with detailed surface information, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of the object's physical characteristics, or even to recognize structures based on AI.

Wide-Ranging Compatibility

EyeVision 3D software supports integration with a wide range of cameras and 3D sensors, such as AIC Saturn, highlighting its adaptability to different hardware setups. This capability makes it an essential tool for any industry adopting 3D technology without being limited by specific hardware requirements.

Practical Applications and Advanced Robot Control

EyeVision 3D's ability to quickly capture and analyse component surfaces via 3D point clouds directly within the user interface significantly streamlines operations. In industrial manufacturing, the software is used to automate complex tasks such as:

  • quality control inspections: can inspections, label integrity inspections, bottle cap sealing checks, etc.
  • robot guidance: bin picking, depalletizing and palletizing, automated welding, precision assembly, etc.
  • precision positioning:  aligning components for assembly, positioning electronic chips for circuit board assembly, and accurately placing food products for packaging.

These applications and many more, enhance efficiency, ensure precise measurement, and optimize production processes across various industries. A standout feature of EyeVision 3D is its advanced robot control also powered by artificial intelligence (AI). This AI integration allows for seamless interaction with both 3D and 2D camera systems, providing unparalleled control and efficiency in recognition, enabling robots to perform more complex and dynamic tasks with greater precision.

Case Study: Efficient Beverage Can Pressure Inspection with EyeVision Software and AT 3D Sensor

The Challenge:

Quality and safety are critical in producing beverage cans. Conventional inspection methods are slow and not always effective at detecting all imperfections, which could lead to safety risks and quality issues.

The Solution:

The company upgraded its inspection system by integrating EyeVision software with the AT C6 Series 3D profiling sensor, renowned for its “WARP speed" capabilities. This combination improves the accuracy and speed of inspection processes.

  • Advanced Imaging: Powered by EVT software, the AT C6 Series 3D sensor captures detailed 3D images at the high speed of beverage cans. This allows immediate detection of subtle surface irregularities that may indicate print problems, ensuring precision in quality assurance.
  • Real-Time Processing: EyeVision’s software processes these images instantly, using advanced algorithms to assess and confirm the correct pressurization of each can based on the deformations detected.

Benefits of using EyeVision software with a 3D Sensor:

  • Precision and Reliability: Our 3D software delivers precise measurements of surface deformations, enabling consistent detection of pressure discrepancies.
  • Increased Inspection Speed: The software performs real-time inspections that keep up with the pace of the production line, thanks to AT's 3D sensor with high-speed imaging capabilities (WARP speed).

By integrating the EyeVision software with the AT C6 Series 3D profiling sensor, the company can ensure that each beverage meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

EyeVision 3D technology is used in a wide range of applications, demonstrating its versatility and effectiveness in improving quality, efficiency, and reliability in operations.

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