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Efficient Bottle Inspection with EyeSens BI

POSTED 05/21/2014

the food industry the necessity to meticulously inspect the products, even for producing cheap products, is increasing more and more. To meet the increasing demands of food safety some production locations have to refit the old production plants with modern measurement and testing equipment. But in this connection it has to be taken into account that in older plants there is not always the necessary room for an additional computer. An ideal solution is offered with the development of smart cameras and vision sensors. Efficient Bottle Inspection with EyeSens BIInside of these small cameras there is not only a sensor, but also the evaluation electronic and the image processing software are already integrated.

In such cases the EyeSens vision sensors by EVT are often used to refit. But of course they are also used to build new production plants. In the compact housing of 65 x 45 x 45 mm, the EyeSens contains also lens and the illumination of eight LEDs. On customers request there is also a C-Mount version available.
As additional characteristic the EyeSens series has a web interface, which depending on the application has prefabricated inspection programs. Those programs can be configured on a concrete object with the intuitive self-explanatory command icons – even completely without programming skills. The user not even has to install a complex software. He only has to type in the IP address of the camera into the web browser. Then the user interface opens in the browser window and the vision sensor is ready for action.

One version of this series is the EyeSens BI (Bottle Inspect), which is used in the beverage industry. This vision sensor contains prefabricated programs to inspect bottles if the cap is closed, open, askew or missing. Also there is a program to check bottles with cork especially for wine bottles. Additionally, not only the position of the label can be checked but also if the bottles have the same label as the whole charge.

It is also wise to start the inspection of the bottles in an early stage of the production. For example the inspection of the preform. With EyeSens BI the bottle neck, finish and thread are checked for damages such as holes, cracks, scratches and so forth, or if there are inclusions or particles in the material.

Of course also the fill level of the bottles can be checked. For this the C-mount version of the EyeSens BI would be the best choice. The liquid in the bottle will have a good contrast if it is illuminated with a transmitted light. These are excellent conditions to carry out a fill level inspection.

The EyeSens Bottle Inspect is available in three different resolutions: 736 x 480, 1024 x 768 and 1280 x 1024 pixel. The vision sensor contains a 1/3” CMOS sensor and has Ethernet, RS232 or optionally RS422 interfaces available. Concerning the lens: the user can choose between 6, 12 and 25 mm focal length.

The web-user-interface of the EyeSens BI is based on the EyeVision image processing software by EVT, which provides commands which are especially developed for the beverage industry. And they are extendable for the needs of individual user.

Klara Steinschneider
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