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100% quality control for cans and lids with the EyeVision 3D software

POSTED 09/09/2019

In case of metal packaging a high level of economical surrounding conditions and high inspection speed are important. This results in the use of image processing systems, such as the EyeVision 3D machine vision software. The software checks can lids for flaws such as deformations, scratches, edges, etc. Additionally, the position of the flap, the total diameter and the rivet diameter are inspected.

Checks pull linkage of pull tab

A crucial quality characteristic is the easy opening of a beverage can with the pull tab. The quality control for the tab is essential. EyeVision 3D can measure exactly the depth of the pull linkage, to guarantee an easy opening of the can.

Aberrations from the predetermined breaking point as well as flaws on the surface can be determined in repeatable accuracy in subpixel range with the EyeVision 3D software. Therefore, not only can be carried out different dimensional stability and position controls of contours and plains, but also the inspection of deformations, dents, tears, contaminations and completeness. It is also possible to for example inspect other designs or colors such as gold-colored lids or other variations with different surfaces.

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Tracker board combination and various communication protocols

With EyeVision the plant can be adjusted to different requirements and inspection processes. Therefore, cans that are defect, are discharged. The system can be combined with a tracker board, to discharge the defect cans at the correct position.

The software has various communication protocols such as Profinet or Modbus, TCP/IP and UDP. Therefore, the integration into the facility is very easy.

EyeVision 3D has an extensive command set and can be easily programmed with the drag-and-drop function of the graphical user interface. No programming skills are necessary.