The Growth of Embedded Vision in the Medical Industry

Medical IndustryEmbedded Vision Enhances the Diagnostic Capabilities of Medical Professionals

Embedded vision technology in medical applications is enhancing the diagnostic capabilities of medical professionals. While there are currently numerous applications of embedded vision leveraged in medicine, most of what's possible is still on the horizon.

The market for smart medical devices is expected to grow dramatically in the next few years, reaching a $24.46 Billion market value by 20251. By that same year, diagnostic and monitoring devices in which embedded vision is a key component are expected to comprise nearly a third of this market value. Currently, embedded technology performs routine tasks like monitoring heartbeats by seeing color changes in the fingertips or monitoring skin abnormalities.

Smart Medical Device Market to be Worth $24.46 Billion by 2025

In the future, embedded vision technologies could be used for applications like motion analysis in rehabilitation, surveillance in hospitals to ensure staff follow proper procedures, and even for giving sight to the blind. Solutions are currently being developed for remote healthcare monitoring and diagnosis – important technologies that could increase public access to healthcare and potentially reduce healthcare costs.

There is great potential for embedded vision technologies in medical applications. As these technologies become more common place, vision companies will see an exponential increase in demand for an even broader range of applications within the medical field.

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