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PI is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control and automation systems, hexapod 6-axis parallel robotic stages, air bearing motion systems, Gantry Systems, 3D printing, laser machining, and piezoelectric nano-positioning solutions. Applications include photonics, semiconductor technology, medical engineering, assembly, inspection,

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What is a Piezo Motor? How does it work? Different Designs for Automation & Precision Motion Control

POSTED 06/06/2019

Piezoelectric motors (piezomotors) are based on solid-state effects in electroactive ceramics. Today, a variety of designs is available, optimized for different applications: PiezoWalk, ultrasonic, stick-slip, ratchet, surface wave, mini-rod, etc. Parameters such as cost, speed, pushing force, holding force, stability and size can be influenced by different designs. This video shows commercially available piezo motors.