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Mech-Mind Robotics is an AI industrial robotics company, focusing on R&D, production, and sales for 3D vision hardware and software products. The applications include depalletizing, palletizing, bin-picking, machine tending, assembly, gluing, and locating, etc.

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Mech-Eye Laser 3D Camera from Mech-Mind: Ambient Light Resistance, High Accuracy, Broad FOV

POSTED 04/28/2021

Your ultimate 3D vision partner under ambient light featuring high accuracy & level of detail, the extra field of view, stability and reliability, easy integration & ease of use, cost-efficiency, and industrial grade Compared with other 3D imaging devices, Mech-Eye Laser 3D camera is able to reconstruct accurate, complete, and detailed point clouds&3D data of textured, matte, glossy, or even deformed objects under ambient light.