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PI is a leading manufacturer of precision motion control and automation systems, hexapod 6-axis parallel robotic stages, air bearing motion systems, Gantry Systems, 3D printing, laser machining, and piezoelectric nano-positioning solutions. Applications include photonics, semiconductor technology, medical engineering, assembly, inspection, materials handling, and bio-nanotechnology. PI has been developing and manufacturing standard & custom precision products with piezoceramic and electromagneti

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Expert Interview: Automate Photonic Test & Assembly w/Advanced Motion Control

POSTED 08/18/2023

Integrating photonic components, such as waveguides, photodiodes, lasers, and multiplexers, poses significant challenges at every stage of the test and assembly process, from wafer-level to final packaging. Central to these processes is the intricate task of managing multiple optical channels, elements, and interconnected inputs and outputs across various degrees of freedom. This requires optimizing several alignments, a process that has traditionally been both expensive and time-consuming.