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Why Are DC Motors Used in Trains?

POSTED 07/14/2021

DC motors are used in a wide variety of industries, from the workplace to leisure. However, one of the main industries they serve is rail. DC motors are commonly used to power trains and their individual parts, such as windscreen wipers. If you are considering a durable and high-quality motor solution for a train, our team at Parvalux can recommend DC motors that will perform well for years to come.

Why are DC motors used in trains?

DC motors are used on trains is because of their high torque and good speed control. Compared to AC motors, DC motors can provide industry applications with a fine balance of strong starting torque and controllable speed for seamless yet precise performance. Trains are a large-scale application; therefore, a DC motor can effectively and safely move the heavy load forward.

DC motors are also a fantastic choice for train windscreen wipers, a demanding application that must be able to cope in various environments. A good windscreen wiper motor should be able to perform well at any speed, depending on the weather. This means that precise speed control is vital, allowing them to adapt smoothly and easily to different conditions.

What are the benefits of DC motors?

There are many advantages of DC motors, making them an appropriate solution for use on trains across the globe.

Here are a few of their main benefits:

Fantastic speed control: DC motors are known for their great speed control, offering great precision and safety that trains require. Broad speed variation can be achieved by changing the armature or field voltage.

Smooth operation: DC motors can work in accordance with many applications, including trains, to provide the necessary speed and power required. Being a vital method of transport, trains must be able to start and stop efficiently to both save time and in case of danger.

High torque: As a train is considered a heavy load, DC motors are well suited due to their high torque. This means that the motor can drive a consistent level of power over longer periods of time, ideal for trains that operate over 12 hours per day.

Why choose Parvalux for a DC motor?

Parvalux offers a diverse range of DC motor solutions, including a permanent magnet and brushless DC motors. We have over 70 years of valuable experience in producing DC motors. Our team of talented and knowledgeable engineers are on hand to provide you with recommendations based on the needs of your application. While we offer many standard options, we also offer fully customized DC motors that can be tailored to your product. Whether it is a few small changes or a fully customized solution, we can provide a DC motor tailored to you. Our customization options include but are not limited to cable lengths, paint finishes, output flanges, and more.

Our featured product, VIPER3, is the ultimate windscreen motor solution for the transport industry. A compact yet robust solution, this motor can withstand multiple environments and operates well in even the toughest of conditions. Trains are exposed to rain, dust and both high and low temperatures, depending on the climate they are situated in. This windshield wiper motor can cope with these conditions without affecting performance.