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Parvalux Electric Motors is a leading global manufacturer of geared motor solutions, chosen by manufacturers to power hundreds of diverse applications. We are particularly recognized for our work within the patientcare, transport, industrial automation and leisure industries.

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Windscreen Wiper Motors

POSTED 07/14/2021

Parvalux has been supplying geared motors into this demanding market for many years. Our windscreen wiper motors can be found on many of the world's fastest trains and they even power the wipers on the world's largest passenger ship.

Windscreen wiper motors for extreme conditions

High power and total reliability are essential to ensure operation in all weather conditions, which is why our windshield wiper motors are suitable for applications on land and at sea. Our electric wiper motors can cope with great variances in temperature and humidity. We have 12V DC, 24V DC and 230V AC wiper motor solutions available to satisfy the needs of all modes of transport. As well as providing a geared motor solution, we can also incorporate "wiper parking" contacts or sensors into the gearbox to simplify your design.

Our electric wiper motors are durable and reliable, ensuring that your application is provided with the very best windscreen wiper solution for many years to come.

Introducing the Parvalux Viper3 windscreen motor

Parvalux recently announced its game-changing VIPER3 windscreen wiper motor solution. Specifically designed to integrate seamlessly into vehicles across the rail, marine, haulage and transport sectors, the space-conscious and adaptable design of the VIPER3 makes it an essential solution in any large wiper system.