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Everything You Need to Know About Weld Inspection Methods & Technology

POSTED 11/11/2021

Weld inspection as a whole, breaks down to a close critical appraisal of metal or plas-

tic parts that were joined by a thermal heat source of one variety or another.

The next areas that will require some level of definition placed around them will be to identify what types of welds and the manner in which they are inspected. For the sake of this overview, we will look to focus primarily on welds where wire has been added to help facilitate the joining process (MIG, TIG, Plasma, and Laser) and inspection proces- ses that are non-destructive in nature ranging from visual, to sensor-based operations.

The importance of having a stable weld inspection process is paramount to ensuring high-quality components that meet the customer needs are delivered as such...with high-quality. The basis of high-quality is of course built around the foundation of stable processes with robust process windows. That is until variation creeps into the process and parts start to move around in worn fixturing, stamping dies fail to produce edges, and machinery breaks in adding incremental bits of change into the process that are inevitable without procedures to ensure this doesn’t happen.

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