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Dynamic Robotic Solutions and AP&T Announce Joint Marketing Agreement

POSTED 11/06/2015

Auburn Hills, MI – Dynamic Robotic Solutions and AP&T have been working together on a common solution for robotic laser cutting of parts made on hot stamp presses and will use the FabTech Show to introduce the partnership and the product.

AP&T is a global leader in Hot Stamping lines including press automation, presses, and press tooling.  When supplying hot stamp presses it is difficult to form part features in the forming press due to the presence of cooling lines in the die used to quench the part.  Once the part is cooled it has become hardened and is difficult to use a trim press to cut the features.

AP&T wanted to produce a finished part directly from their hot stamp press line and was looking for a partner to develop a modular, in-line cutting solution to sell with their hot stamp press lines.

DRS is the global leader in robotic trimming for such applications as waterjet cutting, laser cutting and routering.  DRS was pursuing the cutting of hot stamped parts as a strategic direction  and was interested in working with a partner that knew the market for hot stamp presses and had material handling expertise.

Under the terms of the marketing agreement DRS will develop an in-line robotic laser system for cutting hot stamped parts and AP&T will develop the material handling of the hot stamp parts in the system and handle the interface to the press.  Each partner will exclusively market this combined solution for both applications with new presses and retrofits to existing presses.

“This solution allows our customers the ability to ‘stamp and ship’ hot stamped parts without the need for the handling to and from storage before being cut by stand-alone 5-axis CNCs” notes Per Josefsson, Sales and Marketing Director at AP&T.

“DRS is pleased to be working with one of the largest global suppliers of hot stamped press lines and feels that customers are ready to embrace the robotic laser advantages of more scalability, reduced floorspace, and the direct application for use in an in-line ‘flow’ type of automated solution”, says Bruce Potts, DRS President and CEO.

About Dynamic Robotic Solutions
A global leader in robotic trimming, Dynamic Robotic Solutions has over 3000 robots installed in systems around the world and more than 30 years’ experience developing, designing, building, servicing and supporting robotic automation solutions for manufacturing customers. DRS is strategically positioned to serve the global market through offices in the U.S. and Europe, and representatives in Asia and other major markets.

About AP&T
AP&T develops, manufactures and markets complete production systems, automation, presses, tools and related aftermarket services for manufacturers of formed metal parts. We constantly aim to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and security by offering a high degree of availability and complete solutions for which we are fully responsible
– a concept we call One Responsible Partner®.

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