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At Motion Ai, we specialize in designing and implementing robotic solutions into automation applications for any industry.

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Robotics in motion control applications serve two essential functions:

  1. Increase the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of production and materials handling
  2. Operate in conditions that are hazardous for humans or feature loads that are too heavy to move efficiently

Robots perform dutifully in these conditions, increasing productivity while minimizing health issues, employee turnover, and accidents.

At Motion Ai, we specialize in designing and implementing robotic solutions into automation applications for any industry. Our robotics specialists and engineers work with you to assess your industry-related challenges and implement a solution that is efficient, well budgeted, and effective.

Our Robotics Solutions Include:

  • Proof of concept demos
  • Turn-key solutions
  • Robotics sizing, selection, cycle and reach analysis
  • Custom pedestals, benches, bases and carts

Our turn-key robotics solutions make automation accessible, affordable, and attainable for any business in any industry.


From standard industrial robots to collaborative robots (cobots), we source the top robotics products from leading manufacturers. We have deployed thousands of robotic solutions to automation systems across the country. Our solutions include:

  • Collaborative robots
  • Mobile robots
  • End of arm tooling options
  • Articulated 5- and 6-axis robots
  • ACARA: 4 axis robots
  • Cartesian: 2- and 3-axis robots
  • Delta robots
  • Flexible feeders
  • Software solutions


If you ruled out robotics several years ago – or think it’s just an option for the big players – now is an exciting time to take a new look. With recent advancements that cut costs and expand capabilities, robotics has become a viable path to profitability for more businesses than ever.

For nearly any type of industry that makes or moves things, chances are your customers are evaluating you with the same criteria:

  • Speed of delivery and responsiveness to changing needs
  • Achieving consistent quality while maintaining low price points

Implementing robots into your motion control applications can help you:

  • Improve speed to market
  • Scale and adapt to changing demands
  • Provide consistent quality
  • Maintain low price points
  • Rapidly increase ROI

Robot Safety is Vital in the Workplace

Safety and efficiency—there are no greater reasons to invest in collaborative robots (cobots). Manufacturers deploy lines of these smart robots because they are safer to work with and can increase efficiency when working side by side with human counterparts on repetitive tasks. Download the white paper today.


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