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Zimmer Group extends premium gripper 5000 series with aluminum linear guides

POSTED 02/26/2019

The Zimmer Group has added a new pneumatic model range to its technology-leading 5000 series of premium grippers - in addition to the existing models with steel linear guides, versions with aluminum linear guides are now also available.

The new GPP / GPD5000AL grippers from Zimmer extend the product range with two-jaw parallel grippers and three-jaw centric grippers. The unique feature of the new GPP / GPD5000AL models is the aluminum linear guide making the new grippers particularly interesting for price-conscious customers who do not want to sacrifice Zimmer proven quality.

Technically, the GPP / GPD5000AL grippers exceed all T-slot grippers with their steel-aluminum linear guides and are at least equal to grippers with multi-tooth guideways in the market environment. With its uncompromising quality "made in Germany", Zimmer guarantees up to 15 million cycles without maintenance. In addition to the new version, the gripper series consists of the GPP / GPD5000 and the GPW5000 models, which are pneumatically driven, the pneumatic-electric hybrid grippers GPP / GPD5000IL and a pure electrical version, the GEP / GED5000.

Designed for many applications

The gripper series 5000 was designed as a universal gripper and provides a number of features depending on the model (speed, high gripping forces, large jaw length). It can therfore offer the right solution for every application.

Depending on the models, the grippers are available with an ingress protection class from IP40 to IP67 . Zimmer's 5000 series grippers feature a variety of detailed solutions that make everyday use easier and often eliminate the need for accessories.

The Zimmer Group uses newly developed magnetic field sensors which are inserted onto the gripper housing from the side. The sensors can therefore be easily exchanged without dismounting the gripper. Another advantage is that they do not protrude beyond the C-groove. The grippers can be mounted flush side by side. The switching characteristics compared to the predecessor sensor model are the same. The new sensors are available with a 5 meter cable with open wire end and 0.3 meter with M8 plug versions.

Depending on the model, all versions of the 5000 series (pneumatic, pneumatic-electric, and all-electric grippers) offer higher gripping forces, a larger jaw length, and shorter opening or closing times compared to the competition.