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Founded in 1957, PHD, Inc. designs, manufacturers, and markets a wide selection of pneumatic and hydraulic actuators for industrial automation. Standard products include grippers, cylinders, powered slides, rotary actuators, multi-motion actuators, escapements (parts feeding), clamps, adaptors, switches, and sensors. Products may be used independently for fixturing or tooling, or in a modular fashion for building pick-and-place devices. Available free via PHD's website, access complete product information, catalogs, videos with applications, sizing software, CAD models in numerous native formats, and much more.

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PHD Releases Series GRK Parallel Pneumatic Heavy Duty Gripper Line Expansion!

POSTED 04/03/2020

PHD is excited to offer the expansion of the Series GRK Parallel Pneumatic Heavy Duty Gripper family of products. This expansion adds four larger sizes to the previous four sizes. The GRK Grippers deliver the highest grip forces in its class and provides superior moment capacities and precision in a low profile package. The design features a wear-compensating jaw guidance system enabling precision jaw movement throughout the life of the unit. This heavy duty end effector is perfect when longer tooling lengths are necessary and heavier objects are present. Series GRK Grippers combine precision and exceptional performance for the most demanding applications.

Major Benefits:

  • Now available in 8 sizes, the compact, low profile, rugged design provides high grip force and moment capacities with low overall weight while providing a long operating life.
  • True parallel jaw motion simplifies jaw tooling and is ideal for centering parts of various sizes.
  • Ultra-rigid, wear-compensating jaw guide system eliminates jaw “free-play” and dramatically reduces jaw deflection when gripping or moving loads over life of unit.
  • Two grip force/jaw travel combinations available for sizes 35-75, single grip force/jaw travel for sizes 92-170.
  • Convenient switch bundles – provides one line ordering
  • Purge ports and lubrication reservoirs are standard on the 4 larger sizes for extended life
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