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POSTED 08/27/2023

"There is no force on earth more powerful than an idea whose time has come."     
- Victor Hugo
Bots in The News:Bot Index vs. S & P 500
In 1968 during the Democratic National Committee’s Convention in Chicago, a number of protestors chanted, “The whole world is watching”. There may have been a similar chant by investors in last week’s trading. There were two significant events that investors were monitoring closely to help determine the course of the markets for the remainder of the year. The first was NVIDIA Corp’s earnings. The second was the speech prepared by Fed Chairman Powell on the course of interest rates.
With regard to the first impactful event, NVIDIA Corp. produced second quarter earnings of $2.70, which was $.67 better that Wall Street estimates. The bottom line was prompted by the firm’s $13.5 billion in revenues which bested the Streets $11.13 consensus. Guidance was for the third quarter to produce sales of $16.16 billion. Consistent with those impressive numbers, the company announced a continuation of its buyback program to $20 billion. The stock was one of the week’s few gainers with over 5% with its 6.28% gift to investors.
Chairman Powell’s speech perpetuated his hawkish stance with an affirmation of the Fed’s inflation target of 2% and a comment that the policy would “proceed carefully….and officials would decide whether to tighten further or, instead, to hold the policy rate constant and await further data.” The comments were generally in line with expectations and the broad market gained 83 basis points for the week. The Bot Index, however, bested the S & P 500 with a 1.10% gain.
In addition to strength by NVIDIA, the bots were aided by a 10.70% jump by Tesla and a 5.79% increase in iRobot. Tesla’s strength came following a Model 3 refresh and hints that the new cybertruck is near production.
2020's Decade of Bot Index Performance


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