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North American Premiere at Automate: Red Dot Design Award-Winning AGV from Stäubli Robotics

POSTED 05/03/2023

The new PF3 platform AGV from Stäubli Robotics captured this year’s Best Smart Product award in the international Red Dot Design competition, giving it a world-class mark of quality. Stäubli will present the PF3 for the first time in North America at Automate 2023, taking place in Detroit on May 22-25.

AGVs (automated guided vehicles) have become integral to industrial intralogistics, literally doing the heavy lifting in and around manufacturing facilities. The PF3 features an ultra-compact yet robust design and handles payloads of up to three tons, delivering a footprint-to-payload ratio that leads the market – and paves the way for new applications across multiple industries.

The low-profile Stäubli PF3 AGV is a significant innovation for manufacturers, as it operates within very narrow spaces on the factory floor, easily maneuvering around obstacles and carrying out tasks with an impressive positioning precision of +/-5 mm. Plus, smart features offer future-proof production and a streamlined workflow.

The PF3 uses standard software interfaces, while an all-around LED strip and 45° inclined touch panel provide an ergonomic operator experience, all of which increases user acceptance and eases integration. The PF3 also checks all the boxes in terms of safety. It is equipped with a 360-degree human safety scanner, five emergency stop buttons, a collision avoidance sensor, and an LED strip that communicates the AGV’s status.

The PF3 is also easy to own and maintain. It uses a “drawer” maintenance concept, which means parts are easily accessible from the sides of the AGV and can be changed in minutes. It is built on Stäubli’s unique patented drive unit and constructed of industrial-proof components, delivering outstanding performance in terms of productivity as well as total cost of ownership.

Stäubli is a leader in high-payload AGVs with a complete portfolio of platforms, forklifts and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) known for high-precision omnidirectional positioning and payloads of up to 500 tons.