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Applied Robotics is a global provider of innovative and tailored solutions for industrial automation and robotics. Our team is committed to delivering dependable and high-precision end-effectors and end of arm tooling that will increase your output, efficiency, and safety.

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Applied Robotics, Inc. Launches a New Line of Tool Changers with a Lifetime Guarantee*

POSTED 04/12/2016

Applied Robotics, Inc., (ARI), a leading international provider of automation end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions announced the release of its first comprehensive line of Tool Changers. The Epsilon family of Tool Changers incorporates the best features and benefits of three previous generations of ARI tool changers with added functionality and enhancements. The Epsilon Tool Changers are available in a wide range of payloads from 10kg to 1,500kg.

Applied Robotics Vice President and Director of Engineering, Stefan Casey says, "This is an evolution of the Applied Robotics Tool changer. Our cam locking mechanism design has stood the test of time and is proven to provide superior reliability and performance. In fact, we are so confident in our locking mechanism that we offer a lifetime guarantee*." Casey continues, "Incorporation of additional safety features, the increased need for a broad spectrum of automation applications, and customer feedback were primary considerations in the design of the Epsilon Tool Changers.  New features and benefits include;

  • Improved size to payload ratio,
  • Minimal required maintenance provides a low cost of ownership,
  • Utilizing high strength materials,
  • Cam locking mechanism featuring a multi-profile and self -centering cam design with a mechanical locking feature to ensure that the Robot Adaptor and Tool Adaptor remain connected in the event of loss of power or air,
  • High Resistance to torsion loads provided by coupling design allows the tool changer to maintain rotational repeatability and perform like new throughout its lifetime,
  • Couple/Uncouple sensing available on all models,
  • Improved flexibility with a direct robot bolt pattern design to limit the need for adaptor plates,
  • Compatible with existing Applied Robotics modules."

"We are excited to unveil the new Epsilon product line; which represents the culmination of several years of engineering research, development and testing.

About Applied Robotics, Inc.
Applied Robotics, Inc., headquartered in Glenville, NY, is a leading global provider of robotic end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions: specializing in tool changing, collision detection, and gripping applications. With over thirty years of experience engineering complex robotic and automation equipment, Applied Robotics was the first company to develop automatic tool changers and continues to engineer state-of-the-art solutions allowing our customers to stay at the forefront of their respective industries all over the world. 

*Please see Tool Changer Manuals for components that make up the operating cam locking mechanism of the Epsilon Tool Changer.