Collaborative Robot Janitors For Industrial Cleaning

Collaborative Robot Janitors For Industrial Cleaning

Photo courtesy of Diversey

Autonomous Industrial Cleaning Cobots Optimize Maintenance of Large Facilities & Minimize Occupational Injuries

Collaborative robot (cobot) janitors offer a more cost-efficient and productive means of managing the industrial cleaning demands of large facilities. By doing the dull, dirty, and dangerous work at a more consistent and faster rate than humans, industrial cleaning robots help to optimize efficiencies and minimize occupational injuries. Human workers are freed up to take on less risky, higher-value tasks such as tidying spaces.

Protecting Profitability

Industrial cleaning is an extremely profitable industry. Airports, commercial and retail facilities, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions must cater to large crowds on a consistent basis. Contracted to ensure a building adheres to ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) rules and regulations, professional cleaning services must ensure cleanliness at all times or risk losing the contract. Collaborative robot janitors provide the support to human workers needed to ensure obligations are met.

Increased Efficiency, Transparency & Accountability

Collaborative robot janitors deliver accurate productivity metrics that facilitate informed decision-making. Professional cleaning services benefit from the greater operational control that allows them to optimize for increased efficiency, transparency, and accountability.

By taking on the monotonous, potentially hazardous tasks that may injure humans and require more of their time to complete, industrial cleaning cobots offer operational efficiencies that help to minimize occupational injuries and safeguard profitability.

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