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More productive – more efficient – more precise - The TPM rotary actuator is a compact, highly dynamic servo actuator comprised of a high precision gearbox and a high performance servo motor with integrated hi-res feedback and an optional holding brake. See technical data, operating manuals and CAD here: https://alpha.wittenstein-us.com/products/servo-actuators/rotary-servo-actuators/tpm-rotary-servo-actuators/

Configure your requirements for size, output and more.

With the servo actuator TPM+ , precision planetary gearheads and synchronous servo motors are integrated without a clutch for a unit that is flexible in its application. Customers appreciate its power, torque and torsional rigidity in a more compact space. Short overall lengths, high power-density and smooth operation, along with practical, graduated performance settings help promote operating efficiency and cost of ownership.

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