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Image of GigE camera (BG Series)

BG Series have Gigabit Ethernet interface for image output and camera control. Compact and light, suitable for set in equipment. 3 years warranty. Wide product range from 0.4M to 5M.

BG040M / BG040MCG / BG040MCF / BG160M / BG160MCG / BU160MCF / BG205M-CS / BG302LMG / BG302LMCG / BG302LMCF / BG505LMG / BG505LMCG / BG505LMCF

[Key fsseatures]
- GigE Vision Ver.1.2 conformity.
- GenICam conformity Ver.2.4 / Ver.3.0.
- IIDC2 Digital Camera Control Specification Ver.1.1.0.
- Body size in most compact class is suitable for setting in equipment.
- "Teli Core Technology" contributes to the enhancement of the response speed of camera systems.
- TELI original software "TeliCamSDK" is available to free download as SDK.
- "Event notifications" camera notified status information via event Packet.
- "Bulk trigger mode" outputs multiple images by one trigger input.
- "Sequential shutter mode" allows output several different setting image.
- "Image buffer" allows readout image data from host PC on demand.
- "Scalable mode and binning mode" higher speed image scan is available.

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