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Dual USB3 camera (DDU Series)

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Image of Dual USB3 camera (DDU Series)

DDU series have USB3.1 Gen1 (USB3.0) interface for image output and control. With Dual USB3.1 Gen1 interfaces, DDU series provides double the transfer bandwidth of conventional cameras with a single interface, making it possible to capture images at higher speed. Compact and light, suitable for set in equipment. 3 years warranty. Wide product range from 12.3M to 16M.

DDU1207MG / DDU1207MCG / DDU1207MCF / DDU1607MG / DDU1607MCG / DDU1607MCF

[Key features]
- USB3 Vision Ver.1.0 conformity.
- GenICam conformity Ver.2.4 / Ver.3.0.
- IIDC2 Digital Camera Control Specification Ver.1.1.0.
- Body size in most compact class is suitable for setting in equipment.
- Power is supplied by USB cable.
- e-CON connector is equipped.
- "Teli Core Technology" contributes to the enhancement of the response speed of camera systems.
- TELI original software "TeliCamSDK" is available to free download as SDK.
- "Event notifications" camera notified status information via event Packet.
- "BUS synchronization mode" synchronized exposure timing of multiple cameras.
- "Bulk trigger mode" outputs multiple images by one trigger input.
- "Sequential shutter mode" allows output several different setting image.
- "Image buffer" allows readout image data from host PC on demand.
- "Scalable mode and binning mode" higher speed image scan is available.
- "BERT function" measures correspondence quality of cables.

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