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OnLogic Axial AC101 Rackmount Edge Server

Model: AC101


The OnLogic Axial AC101 is a 1U shallow depth rackmount server built around the power and performance of Intel® 13th

Image of OnLogic Axial AC101 Rackmount Edge Server

OnLogic Axial AC101 Edge Server


The Axial AC101 combines Intel’s lineage of market leading processors with OnLogic's industrial and embedded computer design to bring scalable, high performance processing to the enterprise network edge. The AC101 can be configured with a range of Intel 13th Generation Hybrid-Core processors (formerly known as Raptor Lake). These CPUs are equipped with Intel Thread Director functionality, which directs threads to the appropriate processor core to optimize performance and power consumption. Each processor delivers UHD 770 graphics and is capable of supporting up to 128GB of DDR5 memory, providing a range of visual display options and super fast data transfer speeds. When selecting the i9 CPU, applications will benefit from a full 24 cores, and 32 threads to meet the most demanding applications while drawing a smaller amount of electricity.

OnLogic Axial AC101 Edge Server


The Axial AC101 provides a license-fee free interface to its Baseboard Management Controller (BMC), giving enterprises direct operational control, administrative oversight and continuous monitoring capabilities to monitor uptime and system performance. Technicians can directly access the BMC using a dedicated 1GbE RJ-45 port for ad hoc system troubleshooting and monitoring. To support out-of-band network access, a web-based application provides secure access for remote management and monitoring from any location on the network.

OnLogic Axial AC101 Edge Server


The Axial AC101 is a full-height, shallow depth rack server uniquely constructed with the industrial edge in mind to deliver space savings, efficient cooling and expansion capabilities. The AC101 accommodates a full-height, full-length PCIe interface which can be leveraged to integrate high-end Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) to further elevate the system's graphical processing capabilities or add additional high resolution display outputs. Physical protection measures include a locking faceplate to prevent tampering or inadvertent system disruption. Status lights are mounted on the faceplate visually informing technicians of system health. For enterprises requiring additional peace of mind, optional redundant power supplies can be configured to maintain high availability.

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