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Epson LS-B Series SCARA Robots

Model: LS20-B, LS10-B, LS6-B, LS3-B

EPSON Robots

Image of Epson LS-B Series SCARA Robots

Epson LS-Series Robots

Epson's LS-B Series SCARA Robots offer a reduced cost solution for factories looking to maximize value without giving up performance.  The LS-Series models are ideally suited for applications and industries requiring demanding cycle times, high precision and uncompromised reliability such as hard disk assembly, electronics, medical device assembly, lab automation, semiconductor, telecommunications and much more. 

The LS3-B features 400mm of motion range and a 3 Kg payload, the LS6-B features motion range from 500-700mm with a 6 Kg payload, the LS10-B features motion range up to 700 mm with a 10 Kg payload, and the largest model in the Series - the LS20-B, features 800-100mm of motion range with a 20 Kg payload.


  • Industry Leading Cycle Times
  • Fully Integrated Options Including  Vision Guidance, DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherCat, Microsoft .NET support, GUI Builder and More
  • ISO Clean Models Available
  • Includes Epson RC90 Controller and EPSON RC+ Development Software for the Ultimate in Ease-of-Use
  • Battery-free encoder

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